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Destination Unknown was a national flyaway sweepstakes involving the private charter of a wrapped 737, 100 winners, and a plane full of celebrities. Sweepstakes winners were flown to Los Angeles Airport then shuttled to Longbeach airport with no knowledge of where they were going. The first flight was hosted by Jamie Presley and took them to Vegas for the Annual Stuff Casino Weekend Party at the Palms Hotel.

This event was conceptualized, managed and entirely produced by the Stuff Magazine Marketing Department.

This program reached millions of consumers and involved:
– National Ad buy in Stuff Magazine
– Promotion and branding on 2 million cases of Keystone Light
– A second celebrity packed flight from Burbank to Vegas to meet and celebrate with the winners
– Product sampling on the flights and at event
– Branded “on-flight” essentials
– Over 10 million media impressions in publicity